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Track maintenance on the Paparoa Track, West Coast of the South Island

Quality track developments built on technical skill, experience and efficiency

What We Offer

Quality Track Developments

At Paparoa Environmental Services we offer a range of services relating to quality track developments. These include:

  • NEW TRACK CONSTRUCTION - walking tracks and dual use tracks

  • PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE - including water control, track reshaping, resurfacing and vegetation/windfall clearance 


  • CONSULTING on new track construction or preventative maintenance needs

  • TIMBER STRUCTURES - including timber bridges, barriers and steps 

Environmentally Focussed Solutions

At Paparoa Environmental Services we pride ourselves on providing environmentally focused solutions for our clients. With 17 years of working in the conservation and environmental sector we have a strong commitment to working with a minimal environmental footprint while creating a quality product for our clients.

Proven Skills and Experience

Paparoa Environmental Services hold a range of industry qualifications and experience which can reassure our clients that we have the skills required to complete the project safely and to a high standard. 

Areas of qualifications and experience include:

  • NZ Certificate in Non-Production Forestry - Certified as 'Advanced Chainsaw Operator' for Department of Conservation

  • NZ Certification Land operations using Explosives and CSL holder for explosives use

  • Working with aircraft in emergency situations and complex lifting operations

  • WTR (Wheels tracks & rollers), DG (Dangerous goods) endorsements 

Paparoa Environmental Services Director, Mike Osborne

Paparoa Environmental Services is led by Mike Osborne.

Mike has been working in the conservation and environmental sector for 17 years on the West Coast. In this time he has been undertaking track construction and maintenance, hut and structure maintenance and animal pest control across the West Coast. 


Before starting Paparoa Environmental Services, Mike was involved in the construction of the Paparoa Track Great Walk. Right from the early scoping of the track line and feasibility, as well as the infrastructure set up for the project, through to leading the DOC construction crews through the build. After completion of the build, Mike was the Supervisor for the day to day operations of the Great Walk and associated facilities. 


Mike holds a broad range of industry qualifications relating to this line of work. This combined with an in-depth knowledge of the West Coast Back country makes Paparoa Environmental Services the ideal contractor for your next project.


Timberlands Track rebuild, Hanmer Springs.

Mark Inglis
Trail Manager, St James Cycle Trail

Nga Haerenga Great Rides Of New Zealand

One of the challenges with dual use track design is building sustainable, fun tracks to the specified grade - not a challenge when using Paparoa Environmental though - Mike has done superb quality work and it is a relief to work with a contractor who can dot the i's and cross the t's ensuring a safe and compliant project.


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Stropping up loads ready to fly. Lake Sumner Forest Park

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